PHP Codeigniter 3 Google Recaptcha Form Validation Example

Step 1: Create Google App In this step, we have to create google app and then we will use google key and google secret on Codeigniter app. So go here:¬†Google Recaptcha Admin. Step 2: <form action=’zohr_url’ name=’CMIGNITEWebToContacts’ method=’POST’ enctype=’multipart/form-data’ onSubmit=’javascript:document.charset=”UTF-8″; return checkMandatory()’ accept-charset=’UTF-8′ id=”contact-form”> <input name=”First Name” type=”text” maxlength=”40″ id=”First_Name” value=””/> <input type=’text’ style=’display:none;’ name=’returnURL’…

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Codeigniter 3 CRUD Operation with MySQL Database

Codeigniter 3 CRUD Operation with MySQL Database with example In this tutorial, I will cover CRUD operation with MySQL database with example in Codeigniter 3. You can check the step by step process we used a simple application having crud functionality in Codeigniter 3 with MySQL Database. CRUD operation is functionality in all application of…

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